The city is asking Calgarians to stop calling 311 to report bad residential road conditions.

On Wednesday the city issued a press release stating: "The City of Calgary's snow and ice policy states that residential streets are not plowed."

The city has received about 1,500 complaint calls about snow clearance on side roads. Officials say they have analyzed the requests and have a full picture of what is happening in all areas of the city.

Alderman Andre Chabot says it may be time to overhaul the snow and ice policy. He suggests, to keep costs down, the use of summer seasonal staff. For example, those in the parks department could work for the roads department during the winter.

Other aldermen say they have heard lots of anger from residents and the snow and ice policy needs to be revisited. But the idea of committing to clearing residential roads could come with a hefty price tag. Some are suggesting an additional $40-$45 million to cover the costs.

Meanwhile, the city is shifting its focus to flood prevention.

By Thursday, the temperature is expected to be well above zero which will mean a rapid melt of snow.

The city says graders have been removing ice and snow along gutters and in front of catch basins.

They have also stockpiled sandbags in all districts and are keeping a close eye on areas prone to flooding.