The city will host its fifth annual Neighbour Day on the third Saturday in June and is encouraging Calgarians to organize events in their communities.

Neighbour Day was started in 2014 to recognize the extraordinary efforts of those who helped out in their communities after the 2013 floods.

“It’s hard to believe that five years ago we were dealing with the aftermath of the devastating flooding in Calgary and a year after that we decided to celebrate the strength of our community and the resilience of our neighbourhoods by proclaiming Neighbour Day and it’s gotten bigger and bigger every single year,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

The initiative has evolved since then into a celebration of strong community spirit and Calgarians have put on picnics, parties and potlucks to bring people together.

“Strong neighbourhoods are important to the fabric of our community. It’s important to our health, to our well-being, because we know that when neighbourhoods thrive the people who live there thrive as well. So Neighbour Day is about nothing but getting to know your neighbours better,” said Nenshi. “Everyone should aim for one outcome on Neighbour Day. At the end of Neighbour Day, have on your fridge a piece of paper that has the names and the phone numbers of your three closest neighbours, simple outcome, let’s all try to do it.”

Last year, the Sunalta community put on an event to help people who were impacted by a fire at a fourplex that was under construction.

The community’s executive director, Jenn Balderston, says they hope to build on that community spirit at this year’s event.

“Last year we had a really special moment where we were able to rally behind those residents and I think this year we just really want to remember that and make sure that we build that into our everyday lives so it’s not something we do on that one day across the city but that it’s everyday, all day,” she said.                                                                                      

Neighbour Day 2018 will be held on June 16 and the city is waiving its fees for block party and greenspace events that require a permit. The deadline to submit a permit application is Friday, May 25.

People can also submit an invitation request to have Mayor Nenshi, city councillors and first responders attend their events.

“It’s no secret that Neighbour Day is my favourite day of the year. It’s also my busiest day of the year. I try to get in as many communities as possible, in every corner of the city from sunrise to sunset and beyond,” said the Mayor.

Organizers can also contact the city for event planning kits, ideas for events and permit information.

For more information on Neighbour Day 2018, click HERE.