City officials are dealing with another sinkhole.

The latest one happened late Friday afternoon near the corner of 6 Street and 6 Avenue S.W.

The caved-in road has backed up traffic and now motorists are trying to find other routes.

Several lanes have been closed while the city deals with the problem.

This is the latest in a series of sinkholes that have been plaguing the city.

On Thursday a sinkhole formed in the middle of the intersection at Sun Valley Blvd. and Sunpark Drive S.E.

That hole formed after a burst pipe flooded the area. "The pipe was cracked, it was a 12 inch PVC pipe, our system is under pressure so water would have come out of that pipe when it broke," says David Atkinson from Calgary Water Services.

The water washed away the soil and gravel packed between the pipe and the asphalt which caused the road to collapse.

Atkinson says water main breaks are common but have decreased in the past 25 years.

But not all sinkholes are caused by water main breaks.

Officials say many sinkholes are caused by construction which shifts the ground beneath the asphalt, or concrete, which results in a collapse.

An engineer with the city says the downtown and Beltline are more prone to sinkholes. "Because of the underground topography it's just going to be more likely there," explains Cliff de Yong.

De Yong says in cases where construction is the cause, it's up to the company to clean it up but the city still keeps a close eye on it. "On occasion, it could involve weekly visits to the site, walk around the perimeter and see if there's any indication of any new sinkholes. Now, if the site is suspended then we take a more active role and we have an engineer that goes out on that site."

Despite the perception that there are more sinkholes this year, the city maintains they are not dealing with any more than usual.