CALGARY -- The City of Calgary has opened an online survey that could help pave the future of shared electric-powered scooters on city pathways.

The city's e-Scooter pilot project, which saw the introduction of e-scooters in the spring of 2019, is scheduled to end in late October.

City officials are encouraging citizens, whether they have or have not operated an e-scooter, to share their experiences with the two-wheeled vehicles that have proven extremely popular and have become a fixture along bike lanes and the river pathways.

The survey includes questions regarding fleet size, rider behaviour, and where e-scooters should be permitted to operate. It will be available at City of Calgary E-Scooter Share Survey until Oct. 7.

Earlier this year, the city introduced changes to the pilot project including:

  • The creation of 'Share & Go' parking zones designed to encourage "more considerate parking behaviour"
  • Governing e-Scooter speed to ensure the vehicles do not exceed 15 km/h in designated 'Slow Speed Zones'
  • Introducing new fines to improve safety and deter inconsideration behaviour

The results of the survey are expected to be included in a presentation to the City of Calgary's standing policy committee on transportation and transit scheduled for Dec. 16, 2020.