CALGARY -- The City of Calgary issued a statement in support of  the premier's announcement that Alberta would begin to reopen parts of the economy, in a series of gradual stages.

"Re-opening the provincial economy requiresa plan, and it's clear that a lot of thought has gone into this announcement from the province," Nenshi said.

"A phased approach allows for us all to be watchful for any future outbreaks and ensure we re-open at a speed that is safe for our communities."

Nenshi also reminded Calgarians that when out in public spaces, they should wear a face mask.

"Dr. Hinshaw and Premier Kenney have already advised us to use face coverings while in crowded public spaces, including on transit," he said. "If you can't buy or make a face covering, a homemade alternative like a bandana or scarf is a good alternative for now.

"Please continue to follow these instructions when you are in the community."

City council also approved further support for Calgary businesses, including waiving the business license renewal fee for one year, and waving a number of other fees for six months.

"Our businesses are the heart of our local economy, and their struggles have a profound impact on our city and communities," said City Manager David Duckworth. "These relief measures keep dollars in the pockets of business owners and give additional flexibility for those looking to pivot or do things differently moving forward. We will continue to look at ways to help businesses make it through this pandemic."