Calgarians are still cleaning up after Monday's intense wind, rain and hail storm.

The fierce wind tore limbs off of trees, and the golf ball sized hail smashed windows and dented cars.

The area around the university appears to have been hit the hardest.

The hail storm was so intense it even smashed windows out of cars, including this one that was parked near McMahon Stadium.

Insurance companies have been swamped with calls from customers who are making claims.

At Intact Insurance office the volume of calls are ten times what they normally are.

Gordon Mansfield, Vice President of claims at Intact Insurance says, "We have marshalled all our claims call centres. We've got three telephone call centres. Telephone call centres in the western region for Intact Insurance. We've got about 150 claims representatives responding on phone to customers' inquired about their loss."

The worst hail storm on record in Calgary was in 1991.

By the end of this week insurance adjustors will know how Monday's storm compares.