A former ringette coach charged with sexual exploitation took the stand in her own defence on Wednesday.

Kelsea Joy Hepburn, 24, was charged in 2011 with sexual exploitation and invitation to sexual touching involving girls on the ringette team she helped coach.

On Monday, one of the girls told the court that she never wants anything to do with Hepburn again.

The mother of an alleged victim took the stand on Tuesday and said her 13-year-old daughter was going through a tough time when the incident happened.

Hepburn broke down in tears on the stand as she told the jury that she was not a criminal or a pedophile.

She testified that she did everything she could to keep her distance  from the girl who she described as a mixed up child who would not leave her alone.

Hepburn admitted that the teen’s mother found her and the girl with their pants down in the girls home but said nothing happened.

She said she never wanted to get into a situation like that and that she made a mistake.

The trial is scheduled to last all week.