A former maintenance worker of a southeast condominium building entered a guilty plea on Friday in connection with his unwanted appearance in a woman’s apartment in February 2017.

Phillip Allan Skulnec was charged with break-and-enter with intent to commit a sexual assault.

According to the agreed statement of facts, Skulnec accessed the victim’s suite, in a building in the 9900 block of Fairmont Drive S.E., in the early morning hours of February 26 using the keys at his disposal. The then 38-year-old crouched next to the woman while she slept. The victim awoke with Skulnec in the room and she cried out for help. Skulnec left the apartment and the victim reported the incident to police.

Following the guilty plea, a joint submission from the prosecution and Crown requested a one year sentence plus two years of probation. The recommendation was accepted and order by the presiding judge Justice Gates.

In 2007, Skulnec used a weapon to trap a woman inside her apartment in Edmonton and sexually assaulted her for hours. Skulnec served a nine-year sentence in connection with the violent attack.