A positive sign for southeast commuters as construction is underway on the 26 kilometre Greenline Southeast Transitway with several intersection and lane improvements slated to be completed by 2016.

On Thursday, crews began work on the following changes at the intersection of Barlow Trail and 114 Ave. S.E. (near the Deerfoot Inn & Casino):

  • Extending the right hand turn lane which connects eastbound 114 Ave. S.E with southbound Barlow Trail
  • Adding an additional left hand turn lane connecting northbound Barlow Trail with westbound 114 Ave. S.E.

According to City of Calgary research, the intersection improvements could reduce delays on Calgary Transit’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Route 302 by as much as 16 per cent during the morning commute and all motorists are expected to benefit from the changes.

Ward 12 Councillor Shane Keating says the improvements, scheduled to be completed by the end of the month, will pay immediate dividends.

“The impact of these efforts should become apparent to anyone riding the BRT Route 302 express bus between Seton and downtown by saving travel time,” said Keating.

Additional construction projects along the BRT are expected to include:

  • The widening of 52 St. S.E (between 130 Ave. & Stoney Tail) and 130 Ave. S.E. (between 48 St. & 52 St.) to allow the creation of transit-only lanes
  • Reprioritizing traffic signals, installing additional traffic signals, and creating Calgary Transit priority signals
  • Adjusting existing transit routes to utilize 114 Ave. S.E. instead of Deerfoot Trail
  • Installing infrastructure required for future expansion of the LRT

For more information, visit Calgary Transit's Green Line