A Calgary man who possesses a long history of violence and sexual assault will remain behind bars indefinitely, a judge ruled on Thursday.

Michael Nadolnick, who was convicted of the kidnapping and repeated rape of an 18-year-old Calgary woman in 2008, was declared a dangerous offender, the result of a hearing that began last August.

Nadolnick has a long history of violent crimes.

In 1998, Nadolnick was convicted of sexual assault with a weapon. The assault happened in the North Battleford area in Saskatchewan.

In 2002, he was charged after a random break-and-enter robbery that sent two men to hospital with multiple stab wounds.

Nadolnick was released from the Bowden Institution in September 2008 after serving six years.

He was back behind bars in connection to the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman later that same year.

In November 2008, a 18-year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint from a Calgary business in Monterey Park.

Shortly after, a 68-year-old man in a truck was carjacked and the two victims were forced to drive around the city for over four hours.

The woman was sexually assaulted several times and forced to call another woman on the phone to talk about her ordeal.

In November 2011, Nadolnick was in custody in connection to the assault when he escaped while being escorted to a doctor’s appointment.

He overpowered his guards and then tried to get away in a stolen vehicle.

In January 2012, he pleaded guilty to escaping lawful custody, assaulting a police officer and robbery.

The Dangerous Offender designation is intended to protect the public from the most dangerous violent and sexual predators.