A convoy that left Red Deer last week in support of Alberta Energy is getting closer to its destination and it expected to arrive in Ottawa on Tuesday.

Over 100 vehicles departed from Central Alberta last Thursday and are part of a group that supports the yellow-vest movement.

United We Roll! Convoy For Canada! made a stop in Sudbury at about noon on Monday on its way to Ottawa.

The group is opposed to Bill C48,  Bill C69 and the UN migration pact and is asking for the carbon tax to be repealed or at least revisited.

They are in favour of using pipelines to move Canadian oil and gas products and say immediate action needs to be taken for pipeline projects like Energy East and Trans-Mountain.

“The government’s created this disconnect between the east and the west and this is what we’re doing, we’re trying to unite all of Canada,” said organizer Glen Carritt. “That’s what this is all about, getting our voice heard and uniting together.”

Carritt says they have received a warm reception from people along the way.

“Every town we go by, little town, there’s kids and everybody on the side of the road, huge receptions everywhere. Just goes to show that we really do want to unite Canada,” he said. “These are long days but I’m going to tell you, the support, to see the people out here, it almost goes by fast because it’s so overwhelming. Just all the people makes you keep on going because that’s who we’re doing it for.”

He says the group has not faced a lot of opposition along the route.

“There’s been four or five opposition just outside of Winnipeg but we had 20 or so supporters right beside them and right across the street,” said Carritt.

The Alberta convoy will meet up with another group from the Maritimes at Parliament Hill and are expected to arrive on Tuesday for a rally at 11:00 a.m.

“Come out and support what we’re doing, which is trying to show the government that we’re just not happy with what’s going on. Get on to Parliament Hill so we can make changes together,” said Carritt.

The convoy left Sault Ste. Marie on Monday morning and made stops in Iron Bridge and Blind River before heading to Sudbury.

The group has established a GoFundMe account to collect funds for supplies, gas and accommodations and so far has generated over $118,000.