Wildlife officials in Calgary are warning visitors of a popular section of Fish Creek Park to be cautious and keep their pets leashed after a cougar was spotted walking through the area recently.

The animal was seen in Votier’s Flats, a day use area just south of Canyon Meadows.

Visitors aren't being told to avoid the area, but are asked to travel in groups, make plenty of noise and be aware of the surroundings.

Pet owners are also being asked to keep their animals leashed while in the park.

If you happen to encounter the cougar, officials say the most important thing is not to run. Instead, back away slowly and don't turn your back on it.

You should make yourself look as large as possible, keep eye contact, and make sure the cougar has an escape route so it doesn't feel trapped or threatened.

If you are walking with small children, you should pick them up immediately.

Votier's Flats is the same area that was closed about a week ago because of a black bear warning.

Officials say the warning is restricted to the Fish Creek Park area at this time.

The warning will remain in place under further notice.