CALGARY -- Calgary Coun. Joe Magliocca has been ordered to pay back another $2,700 for ineligible airfare upgrades.

The Ward 2 councillor says he agreed to repay money expensed for upgraded flights and on Tuesday, a city committee voted unanimously on the amount.

It’s tied to an investigation launched into Magliocca’s expense claims dating back to 2017.

He earlier apologized for a series of improper expenses and repaid about $6,200.

A forensic audit report says Magliocca booked seven business or premium flights between 2017 and 2019.

In a text message to CTV Calgary, Magliocca says he is in the process of paying the money and he choose to book seats with more room because of his weight.

“As was clarified in PFC (priorities and finance committee), I have repaid any ineligible expenses months ago. I also made the request months ago to voluntarily repay any airfare costs that were in excess of other councillors, which I am in the process of doing,” he wrote.

“On a more personal note, I have previously struggled with my weight. I weighed over 300 pounds which was why I booked seats with more room. Over the last couple years, I made a commitment to be more healthy and I have lost nearly 100 pounds. I have always intended to follow City policies strictly and, as previously stated, I apologize if I was in error.”

He also called for expenses by other members of council to be reviewed as well.

“I would hope that council also apply this same standards of audit and review to the travel expenses of the rest of council including Mayor Nenshi’s $90,000 taxpayer funded trip to India and his trip to Italy with the American-based Rockefeller Foundation,” he wrote.