The councillor for Ward 11 submitted a motion to council on Thursday in an effort to approve transparency and accountability when it comes to municipal spending.

Jeromy Farkas' motion follows the provincial government's release of the findings of the MacKinnon panel's report that identified failings in the accountability in the funding arrangements between the province municipalities.

"The panel's recommendations are an opportunity, not a threat, for cities," said Farkas in a statement released Thursday morning. "One of the ways we can deliver for taxpayers here in Calgary is to modernize how the City reports its expenses. This is the first step in taking a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach to the changes sweeping the province."

"We need to be more accountable for tax if we are to continue to ask for Provincial support for priorities such as flood mitigation and policing."

Farkas is calling on council to adopt a Blue Book program where payments from the general revenue fund for supplies and services, as well as business with other levels of government, are documented and disclosed on a regular basis.

"Our citizens must have a clear track record of who the City does business with, what programs and initiatives we fund, and what assets we purchase."

Ward 4 councillor Sean Chu sponsored the motion.

The provincial government publishes its Blue Book on a quarterly basis.