The Calgary Police Service is announcing a new tool that is designed to help people with disabilities when they are in emergencies.

The Vulnerable Person Self-Registry, headed by the Diversity Resource Team, is a database compiling data from residents who possess physical, mental, or medical conditions that may require special attention during an emergency.

The CPS says the program was developed through consultations with several community organizations and will ensure critical information about those with disabilities can be accessed.

Information in the registry is collected on a purely volunteer basis and it’s accessed by first responders in the city’s emergency dispatch centre in the event that a vulnerable person is in danger or distress.

To add information to the registry, vulnerable persons or their caretakers will need to provide:

  • Their name
  • Date of birth
  • Physical description
  • Contact information
  • Methods of approach/communication
  • Personal photo
  • Description of any life-threatening medical conditions

Officials say once the records have been added, they will need to have them updated at least once a year or it will be removed from the database.

Registrations can be filled out online on the CPS website.