Calgary police have arrested and charged two men after a two month long investigation into organized crime.

The Calgary Police Service Targeted Enforcement Unit (TEU) and the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) learned of an alleged plot to kidnap and possibly kill an individual.

The victim was not aware of any plot, but is not involved in any criminal activity and is known to the two suspects.

On Tuesday, Calgary police arrested Luciano Ferrazano, also known as Lucas Ferber, 39, and Ronald William Weiting, 50, both from Irricana.

They have both been charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit murder.

Police say that one of the suspects is associated with an arson attack on a business last week.

It's believed that the victim may have been targeted as an act of revenge for the attack, because the suspects thought he was involved.

Ferber was also charged in 2009 in connection with a loansharking ring.

In that scheme, victims were given short-term cash loans and then charged ten percent a week interest and heavy late fees.

Police have no information on specific details and operational tactics, but say that the charges came from a large, complex operation involving the specialized investigative resources of many units among CPS and ALERT.