CALGARY -- Cranbrook RCMP are hailing their police service dog as a hero after Denim helped locate a couple who were stranded outside in frigid temperatures last week.

Officers received an emergency call on the afternoon of Feb. 3 regarding an older man who was quadding in the Stropky Road area when his All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) suddenly became stuck in the snow.

The man could not make it out of the area or back home, police said in a release.

RCMP say the man's spouse attended the area to either help get the quad out or walk him out of the area herself. However, the two were unsuccessful and eventually called the local RCMP for assistance.

"With darkness falling and the temperatures plummeting in the region, front line officers recognized that the need to reach the elderly couple was dire," said Cst. Katie Forgeron, spokesperson for the Cranbrook RCMP.

The pair are a couple in their mid-80s, and the man's wife was starting to experience hypothermia symptoms. The couple did have some essential supplies, but RCMP say they were not prepared to spend the night outside in the extreme cold.

With the help of an emergency whistle used by the wife, police service dog Denim was able to lead officers to the couple quickly.

RCMP say the couple did not need medical assistance.

Three of the responding police officers worked together to lift and reposition the ATV to be removed from the area.

"Our officers were so pleased that they were able to reach the couple before nightfall and hypothermia could fully set in, one even claiming this is the kind of calls they signed up for," said Forgeron.

"The elderly couple expressed their admiration at the police response time and their appreciation to the officers, with a special invite to join them for bacon and eggs."