CALGARY -- Family members of a Calgary motorcyclist killed in a crash at a southeast intersection last month have started a petition to have traffic lights installed there.

Kim Bryce's son, Caleb Bryce, was killed in a crash at 17th Avenue and 26th Street S.E. on Sept. 29.

“We’ve just been really struggling with the whole accident to be honest,” she said. “Just how it happened.”

In just a few days the petition has gathered more than 2,000 signatures, along with messages of support.

“People who have gone through the same thing or people who it just really impacted them specifically,” said Megan Bryce, Caleb’s wife of four months.

“It’s been really nice to get support from people like that too and to talk to people who have experienced things like this, it’s been just really supportive.”

Tuesday marks one month since 23-year-old Caleb was involved in a crash that took his life. The motorcycle he was riding hit a vehicle that pulled out in front of him, according to witnesses. Police are still investigating.

“We don’t have police reports to show either way what truly happened there so (the petition is) just one thing we’re really kind of looking at,” said Kim.

“Potentially it’s a bad intersection so I think there should be changes.”

The goal of the petition, said Bryce, is to get as many signatures as possible to present to the City of Calgary.

Pat Grisak is the coordinator of traffic management with the City of Calgary. He and his team look at upward of 70 intersections a year that may need a change to make them safer.

Grisak says there is a process the city uses to score an intersection or crosswalk for an upgrade of traffic signals. And the city works closely with police.

“We always review fatal collisions in conjunction with the police,” said Grisak. “We evaluate contributing factors to the collision to determine if anything needs to be addressed and if it can be addressed.”

Learn more about the petition online.