Emergency crews were called out to a water main break in the community of Collingwood on Wednesday morning and some streets in the area were flooded.

Fire crews were called to 15th Street, near 32 Avenue N.W., at about 3:00 a.m. after water started gushing into the street.

Homeowners and firefighters used shovels to push the water away from nearby homes but some people did get water in their basements.

“Water seeped up through the floor in various spots in the basement so a little bit of water but lots of towels, and wringing out of towels,” said homeowner Samantha Nelson-Kennedy. “I’m sure there’s water in the wall. The water main break ran past the window, there’s two windows there so probably that wall is pretty soggy.”

“I hope it doesn’t get into our house, our across the road neighbour, the water is flowing in that direction so hopefully nobody else will get affected,” said a woman who lives in the area.

Chellan Hoffman lives on the street and says she knew there was an issue as soon as she woke up in the morning.

“When I first got up in the morning, I went to wash my hands in the sink and there was just air coming out of the faucet,” she said. “We then texted our friends at the end of the block, whose house did get flooded, and we just said, are you not getting water either? And they texted back and said no, it’s come through our window and into our basement, so we got the details from them, learned it was a water main break.”

The water has been shut off to some residences in the area.

The city has brought in an emergency water supply for those homes affected while crews work to repair the pipe.