A global charity aimed at fighting avoidable blindness held a special event at the Calgary International Airport on Saturday.

Orbis Canada hosted its annual Plane Pull for Sight, a fun experience where participants, in teams of 20, take turns tugging a 60-tonne FedEx 757 cargo plane across at 20-foot course along the tarmac.

"It's a tough one. There's lots of muscle strength needed," said Peter Maddox with Orbis. "We’ve got a great set of people here so if they are struggling, we can have more people to jump in and help them out."

He says it takes just $50 to save the vision of a visually impaired adult and $100 will save the sight of a child.

Organizers hoped to raise between $50,000 and $60,000 for the event and say 253 million people across the world are sight-impaired but only 75 per cent of them can regain their vision through proper treatment.