Regular CTrain riders probably notice there are a lot stairs throughout the system but what they might not notice is how many people rely on the ramps to access the station.

The busy Heritage Station will be without its ramp for five months starting next Tuesday as it undergoes a renovation to accommodate longer trains.

People who use the ramp to access the station are frustrated and wonder how they will go about their daily activities once the ramp is closed.

“It's the main station I use so I’m very disappointed in that but I guess there's not much I can do about it,” said Steve Gratton.

The city says it can’t add a temporary ramp because it is a center platform.

Disability Action Hall says it wants future projects to be funded in a way that ensures a temporary ramp is possible under these circumstances.

“When people make bids on construction to transit we want to make sure that there's money set aside to make a temporary ramp possible,” said Colleen Huston from Disability Action Hall.

Transit officials say there will be accessible bus routes to replace access to the Heritage Station for the five months of the project.