CALGARY -- The Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) re-opened their newly renovated family development centre Thursday. The centre is inspired by the Calgary Reads Children’s Reading Place and was designed by a team of local artists and carpenters.

The room features murals, kid-sized tables and chairs, has soft lighting and is filled with books and educational toys.

Carlene Donnelly, executive director of CUPS, says the space was designed to be cozy, interactive, calming and above all kid-centred.

“It really speaks to coming down to the child’s level and making it a really fun, playful and creative area for them to spend time in with their caregivers.”

Donnelly says that the newly-remodeled area reinforces a specific CUPS mandate, which is to equip parents and aid them in interacting, attaching and building healthy relationships with their children.

“This centre embodies that, the whole fun look, the cubbies where they can read to the child, it’s really about celebrating the child and wellness of the family.”

CUPS family development centre

The family development centre was made possible though donations and support of new and long term funders.

“We’re one piece of the community," Donnelly says. "We know where our expertise stops and starts, we couldn’t do this without our community supporters.”

CUPS is a non-profit organization that uses the science of brain development to help build resilient lives for Calgarians facing the challenges of living with the adversity of poverty and traumatic events.

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