A drug that has been called one of the most expensive in the world, treats a rare but potentially fatal disorder, and is worth every penny to one woman in High River.

Michele King has PNH, a blood disorder that causes terrible abdominal pain, fatigue, and frequent hospitalization.

Every two weeks, a nurse comes to her home to administer what King calls a miracle drug. She says it gave her a second chance at having a normal life.

"When they gave me the drug for the first time, I never had the pain again that I was suffering from," King says.

The intravenous drug is called Soliris.

At $500,000 per year for each patient, it is being referred to as one of the most expensive drugs in the world.

Some, but not all, private drug plans cover the cost, and there are no government funded plans in place to pick up the cost.

The company which makes Soliris is supporting a patient campaign to get the cost covered.

Currently, King has drug coverage through her husband's benefits plan, but knows others are not as lucky.

"It's a miracle, it's a life changer, and there are people right now suffering in Canada that really, really could benefit from this drug," she says.

Alberta does have a Rare Disease Drug Program, but currently Soliris is not covered.

It is estimated there are 90 people in Canada with PNH who could potentially benefit from Soliris.