A Calgary man, facing a manslaughter charge in the death of his former fiancee's 4-month-old daughter, testified in court Wednesday morning.

26-year old Daniel Berge took to the stand where he faced questions from his defence lawyer.

Berge recounted the events leading up to the death of Emilia Matwiy on July 31, 2007. 

In his testimony, Berge says he was looking after Emilia while the child's mother was at a doctor's appointment.  The child began to fuss so Berge placed her in the crib for 'tummy time' in the hopes of soothing the child. 

Berge says he left the child in the crib while he stepped outside for a cigarette.  He adds that he wasn't feeling frustrated nor angry at the time.

When Berge returned to the crib, he found Emilia facedown and not breathing.  He picked up the limp body of the child.

Berge says he thought the child was dead so he shook Emilia and screamed her name.  He took Emilia downstairs and performed CPR.  Berge says he was able to revive the infant.

The mother of Emilia phoned Berge to check on the child.  Berge did not mention what had happened.

Berge says he did not call an ambulance.

The cross examination of Daniel Berge is scheduled for Thursday.