Imam Abdi Hersy will not be deported from Canada for now based on sex assault allegations in the U.S.

The prominent leader in Calgary’s Somali community is accused of sexually assaulting two women while he worked as a respiratory therapist in Minnesota in 2006.

Hersy says he is innocent, and has tried to go back to the states to face the charges, but was deported back to Canada.

Ottawa has tried to revoke Hersy’s refugee status, but he successfully appealed, and a federal court judge decided on February 12, 2016 that Hersy can stay in Canada.

“I was excited,” said Imam Hersy. “I knew the law was on my side all the time. This is the second time I won in a federal court. And I'm excited, I'm happy that justice is finally served."

The federal court has decided the matter will now go to another immigration and refugee board member for re-consideration.