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At the best of times, we all know somebody who could use an emotional lift – or we might need a lift ourselves. Today, in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we’re experiencing something like never before and every single one of us could use a bit of a boost, which is what Desjardins’ 'Send a Virtual Solo' initiative aims to do. To provide hope and inspiration during this difficult time, Desjardins is using the unifying power of music.

Desjardins has teamed up with 40 Canadian musicians for their 'Send a Virtual Solo' initiative, which allows Canadians to nominate a family member, friend, neighbour, or co-worker to receive a recorded, virtual performance from one of the musicians. The 40 musicians are from across the country, and represent a wide range of styles and genres. It was important to Desjardins to partner with a diverse range of artists, so regardless of your nominee’s favourite type of music, there’s a musician that’s perfect for them.

If you have a family member, neighbour or friend who’s struggling, or even a co-worker who’s having a hard time working from home, nominate them to receive a dedicated performance from the 'Send a Virtual Solo' initiative. Visit the Desjardins Group Facebook page to submit a nomination. If your nominee is chosen, one of the 40 musicians will record a dedicated song for them.

You may not have actually seen your friends or family members in person recently, but thanks to modern communication tools and social media, we’ve been able to maintain relationships with loved ones, and if anything, strengthen those relationships.  That’s not to say that we’re not all looking forward to being able to get together in person when we finally can.

While we’re all living through this new normal and adjusting to the reality of physical distancing, the 'Send a Virtual Solo' initiative is a much-needed reminder that even during challenging times, we aren’t in this alone. We’re all part of a community, and when we make even small gestures like this to lift each other up, we’ll be stronger together when this pandemic is behind us.