A teenage boy who was swept away by the current in the Oldman River on Friday evening is still missing and divers were back in the water on Monday to continue the search.

Emergency crews were called to the Alexander Wilderness Park at about 7:20 p.m. after the youth was reported missing.

A search was launched on the weekend but failed to turn up any signs of the boy.

On Sunday, a water rescue team resumed search efforts and crews used sonar to help pinpoint the boy’s location.

“All yesterday afternoon we were scanning the river bottom with our side-scan sonar unit, we covered a lot of ground. We had a couple hits where we believe would be good to dive today,” said Terry. “We re-interviewed one of the witnesses as well to narrow down where we believe that he would be.”

Terry says visibility is an issue and that divers are facing some challenges.

“The challenge with that area is there’s big rocks in there as well and so that can show up on the sonar unit as well and so you have to dive it to just make sure,” said Dana Terry, Deputy Chief of Support. “The visibility is not the greatest.”

Officials say the Alexander Wilderness Park is closed to the public and they are asking people to avoid the area to give crews room to work.