The University of Calgary is running a study to teach kids and their families how to dish out a healthy portion size at meals.

Bridget Osborne, 11, is learning all about healthy portion sizes and is using a portion plate to measure out her meal.

The plate's design clearly outlines where to put certain types of food and shows the portion size.

"Plate sizes have grown over time, so eating with an appropriately sized plate is also important," said Dr. Sue Pederson from the U of C.

The study is called The Children's Portion Control Study but it is really aimed at the whole family.

"She makes supper for us all the time and she is very good at dishing up servings or letting us know, no that's too much starch. She's learned a lot," said Bridget's mother Timena Osborne.

The university is still looking for participants for the study.

The study is looking for kids aged eight to sixteen and is a six month commitment that requires three clinic visits to the Alberta Children's Hospital.

For more information on The Children's Portion Control Study call 403-955-8866