A new show has opened at the Calgary’s Leighton Art Centre and the theme is aimed at helping to support artists with disabilities in the city.

About 30 artists submitted work for the show, called "Pushing Boundaries".

All the work was produced as a part of a residency between Leighton and the Indefinite Arts Centre, a facility that helps foster artists with developmental disorders.

“It’s amazing. The Indefinite Arts Centre does quite a bit of exhibitions. I think what makes this opportunity unique is the ability for the artists to come out and join us here,” says Chelsey Kehler, Leighton’s executive director.

All the artists went outside to paint and the exhibition has all the work they produced during that three-week-long residency.

“They explored a media that they never worked with before [and] they took photographs. They took their pieces back inside the centre and finished them up there. The experience altogether is what made it so unique.”

Laura Lapeare, one of the artists involved in the residency, says it was a great experience for her because she loves art.

“The piece I made that’s here is called ‘Alberta.' When I made it, it made me think of what Alberta actually looks like.”

She says the inspiration that art gives her follows her throughout her daily life.

“Art is very valuable to me. I love looking at my art, even at home [and] even at my roommate’s house. I look at it wherever I go.”

The art show runs until February 23.