**Warning: Story contains disturbing images**

A dog owner who frequents a southeast park on a regular basis says he has encountered a disturbing increase in the number of dead ducks throughout his visits over the last week.

Wayne Clarke says he began to spot some dead birds on the frozen storm water retention pond near the intersection of 68 Street and 17 Avenue Southeast nearly a week ago but the number increased to roughly 50 dead ducks by his visit on Tuesday.

“Probably a week to 10 days ago was our first time we’d seen ‘em,” said Clarke. “We’re walking our dog and we saw, I think the first day, one bird.”

"We thought maybe the bird froze."

With every passing day, the Clarkes spotted more and more dead birds during their hour long walk around the water.

“The next day there were three birds and then, from every day on, it was 10 more birds, 10 more birds. Now there’s over 50 birds.”

“I’ve walked our dog down there for years and I’ve never encountered any more than one (dead) bird.”

Clarke suspects the birds were poisoned and he would like the City to address the issue immediately. "If I had young children that would scare the hell out of them. All these dead birds and blood. They should have been cleaned up, it should have been investigated and taken care of.”

The cause of the ducks’ deaths has not been confirmed but their remains have attracted scavenging animals to the area to prey on the birds.