CALGARY -- The province announced more than 110 new COVID-19 cases Thursday and added four more watches to its status map, including a town in the Alberta Badlands.

The town of Drumheller, located about an hour and a half northeast of Calgary, joined the province's watch list along with Rocky View County, County of Paintearth and Edmonton Northeast.

There are 10 active coronavirus cases in Drumheller, which has a population of about 9,000 people. No other information about what led to the active cases is available.

According to Alberta Health, a watch status puts regions above the threshold for COVID-19 cases, but no additional measures are taken.

This is the second time Drumheller went under a 'watch' status. The first took place on July 20.

It is the second municipality in Alberta to be named on the status map, the other being High River, Alta, which came under the status on Tuesday.

The town has since fallen below the threshold for the 'watch'.

While the other regions included on the province's database are counties and municipal districts, Alberta Health says the addition of muncipalities should not indicate "any heightened concern."

"It’s important to remember that this threshold of 50 active cases per 100,000 population is simply one point on a spectrum of local risk. This designation is simply an indicator that health officials are monitoring the risk and discussing with the local administration and other community leaders if needed the possible need for additional health measures," said Tom McMillan, assistant director of communications with Alberta Health.

More information on the regional status map as well as a full list of active watches can be found on the province's website.