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Economic electioneering takes over Day 4 of Alberta campaigns

Both front-running parties spent day four of provincial election campaigning focused in on Alberta's economy. 

Both the NDP and the UCP have similar goals: to attract and retain talent, to elevate the business sector and to create jobs. But the different ways the parties approach those goals will play a huge role in their ballot box hopes.


Danielle Smith was in southwest Calgary Thursday to unveil two new incentive programs. 

The UCP leader says if elected, her party would implement a $1,200 "signing bonus" for out-of-province workers after they live in Alberta for a full year. 

The conservatives would also put in place a $3-10,000 tax credit to encourage students to stay in the province and help the workforce. 

"These are the kinds of things that are going to make a real difference in people's lives," Smith said, before reiterating she'd renew certain affordability measures after the vote. 

"The ability to attract jobs and workers here not only includes the kind of investment tax credits that we're talking about, but also making life more affordable," Smith said.


As for the NDP, Rachel Notley says her government would stimulate the economy through fiscal measures -- including a balanced budget and a promise to not hike income tax. 

The first new program if her party is elected would be the creation of a regulatory fast-pass: what Notley says is "similar to a Nexus pass for businesses with good records." She believes the initiative would allow for more development and more jobs in a quicker time frame. 

The New Democrats would also bring in tax credits specifically for emerging businesses and digital media, and invest $18 million into union-led training facilities focused on skills and safety in industrial jobs. 

"We have a plan to build the economy and create tens of thousands of good mortgage paying jobs," Notley said. "(I want to) bring billions of dollars in capital to our province, and I have a track record of standing up for Alberta (and) standing up for oil and gas industry." Top Stories

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