An email scam is making the rounds and is easier to fall for than most because the messages appear to come from Canada Post.

CTV Calgary Consumer Specialist Lea Williams-Doherty looked into the scam and says the message is like those notices Canada Post leaves on your door when they try to deliver a package and you're not home.

Marilyn Lafave says when she got the email it didn't seem out of the ordinary since Canada Post delivers packages to her all the time.

Lafave says she just assumed Canada Post was going paperless like so many other companies.

The email said to click one link to schedule another delivery or click the other to print the receipt to claim the package in person.

The clicking allows the sender to download a virus onto your computer.

The virus might let the scammer do things like search for and steal personal information or control your computer remotely to send out illegal content.

"And I just find it hard to believe that people do this and what their purpose is for it, but as you explained, there's a lot going on behind the scenes so to speak," said Lafave.

Canada Post has posted a warning about this scam on its website and says this scam seems to hit one province at a time. It now appears to be Alberta's turn.

The emails typically contain tracking numbers that may or may not be legitimate numbers in Canada Post's system.

Officials at Canada Post say they will never send you an email about a package you are receiving and they will only send an email when you send a package if you request it.