Emergency Services in Kananaskis is holding an open house this weekend to highlight the work they do and connect with members of the community.

For the first time, police, fire, paramedics, Alberta parks officers and many others are hosting The Kananaskis Emergency Services Showcase to give people a sense of what they do.

"We can educate the public in regards to their safety in regards to being in the back country here, and knowing what resources are available to them for us to help them," said RCMP Const. Wilson Yee.

Clayton Williams is a Kananaskis based paramedic and has seen all kinds of injuries.

He says not all hikers are ready for an outing in the mountains.

"Well you know, flip flops on a seven Kilometre hike might not be a good idea," said Williams.

The dispatch centre receives calls from a massive area so coordinating rescue efforts is done quickly, but it takes time for that help to arrive.

"By the time our specialists reach Canmore to the helicopter, people drive and all that kind of stuff, it takes a long time, so people have to be prepared for an hour or two if something happens before help can show up," said Martin Corriveau.

Corriveau says communication is always a challenge in Kananaskis Country and because cell service is limited, sometimes it is hard for people to call for help.

Emergency officials say that there is a low-tech solution you can do to help them out if you get lost.

They suggest simply writing down the trail you plan to take, the time you left and when you expect to return and then leave that information on the dash of your vehicle.

The Kananaskis Emergency Services Showcase is taking place on Saturday at Nakiska Ski Resort from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For more information, visit the Government of Alberta website.