The Global Petroleum Show kicked off in Calgary on Tuesday and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney was among the speakers at this year’s event.

The energy expo and conference attracts over 50,000 oil and gas executives from over 21,000 companies around the world.

Over 100 experts will speak at various conference sessions during the week and thousands of companies are participating in the exhibition.

Premier Kenney was among the speakers and was interrupted by a protester before he took the stage at 10 a.m.

The man was removed from the stage by Calgary police and continued to talk as officers dragged him away.

Calgary police say he has been arrested and charged with trespassing.

During his speech, Kenney touted Alberta as a leader in the oil and gas industry and says his government is working to ‘restore confidence’ with worldwide investors.

He said he is optimistic about next week’s federal decision regarding the Trans Mountain pipeline project but that he is less confident about some other bills.

“We just hope that they would, at the same time, tread very carefully on Bills C-48 and C-69 because we don’t just need the Trans Mountain pipeline, we need additional pipelines to get real security for our future and C-69 would be, I think, the end of any future pipeline projects,” he said.

The Global Petroleum Show runs from June 11 – 13 at Stampede Park.

For more information on the exhibition and conference, visit the Global Petroleum Show website.