If you’re looking for ways to save money on your electricity bill and make your home more energy efficient, help may only be a short web search away.

ENMAX has now launched the My Energy IQ tool, which helps you track the energy usage in your home and compare it with data from a year ago.

The company hopes that the tool, the first of its kind in Alberta, will make consumers aware of their energy use and compel them to cut back.

Officials say that the same software is used in about 100 places around the world and it has already saved about 8B kilowatt hours of energy.

“They can personalize their usage and consumption,” says Corry Poole with ENMAX. “It gives them useful tips and information that allows them to make decisions they need to make for their families.”

For customers who either don’t have online access or who want to have a hard copy, the entire report will be mailed to each customer.