Erica Levin, wife of convicted sexual offender Dr. Aubrey Levin, is expected to appear in front of a judge to answer charges of obstruction.

The charges come from her alleged attempt to bribe one of the jurors in her husband’s trial to influence the outcome.

Police first heard of the incident through Alberta Justice when a member of the sitting jury reported that she had been approached by a relative of the accused.

She said that she was offered money in exchange for a vote of not guilty in the case.

The juror was removed from the jury following the accusation and an investigation was launched by members of the Calgary Police Service.

Erica Levin was arrested on February 7.

Her court appearance comes just one day after Aubrey Levin’s lawyers won their bid to have him released on bail from his five year prison sentence.

The Court of Appeal granted him the appeal pending the outcome of his appeal.

He does, however, have to comply to a curfew and cannot leave the city without permission.