A brand new disc golf course is now open in the City of Calgary and, best of all, admission to the facility is completely free.

The David Richardson Memorial Disc Golf Park, in the northwest community of Royak Oak, is an 18-hole course filled with all sorts of the same challenges that a regular golf course has.

It ranges over 8,000 feet in length for experts to about 4,900 feet for beginners and families.

Wade Horrocks, the course’s designer, says the layout was designed to accommodate everyone, from professional players to families looking to enjoy playing outdoors.

He says that the 27 acre property is perfect for this type of facility.

“I think one of the great aspects of the park is the flexibility of it. It can be set up to be relatively easy and also quite difficult. The disc golf park is only as good as the site and it’s a spectacular piece of land. It’s got all the elements that make the Calgary landscape so unique, elevation change, open areas and views of the Rocky Mountains.”

The park was named after David Richardson, a respected member of Calgary’s auto sales community and avid disc golfer.

Richardson participated in the sport several times a week right up until his death in 2015.

Eric Harris, a disc golfer who attended the grand opening event, says the convenience of the location is important for him.

“It’s convenient, they’re both five minutes away from me, and this course is going to be the best course in Calgary. The intent is to host international disc golf tournaments.”

Horrocks says there are high aspirations for the facility too.

“It was designed in mind with one day being a tournament venue and absolutely we hope to host those calibre events.”

Disc golf is played much like the traditional game of golf but it uses a flying disc or Frisbee instead of a regular ball and clubs.

The discs are thrown from tee area to a number of targets, the most common being an elevated basket on a pole.

Admission to the David Richardson Memorial Disc Golf Park is completely free, something that is very important to Horrocks.

“It was built and conceived with family members in mind and it’s free and great that it can be enjoyed by everyone.”

(With files from Brad MacLeod)