It has been more than a month since Sandra Mykytiuk-Evans disappeared and the investigation into the missing 56-year-old, mother of three, has been without solid leads.

“It seems highly unlikely that she just disappeared and no one saw anything,” says Laura Evans, the daughter of Mykytiuk-Evans.  “So if they didn't think they saw her but are now starting to recall that there was a lady that fell, or anything suspicious around the time that she disappeared, that they please get in touch with the police or the family.”

Mykytiuk-Evans last known whereabouts was at her Strathcona home on the evening of December 29, 2012.

Since that time, her family has put up posters, handed out flyers, and continued to pray for the safe return of their matriarch. 

“There hasn't really been anything that's panned out,” says Laura Evans.  “Lots of conspiracy theories and that sort of thing going on, but to date nothing has come up.”

The family says Sandra had suffered from depression  and may not have been on her medication, but that a disappearance is completely out of character.

Search and rescue crews, police officers and members of the public have conducted searches of Edworthy Park, a heavily-treed green space along the Bow River that Mykytiuk-Evans frequently visited, but there have been no signs of the missing woman.

Anyone with information connected to Sandra's disappearance is asked to contact police or Sandra's family.  The family has set up a Missing Sandra Facebook page with contact information.