When a young man was shot and killed in southeast Calgary nearly two months ago, police told the victim’s family that there were suspects in the case but so far, no arrests have been made.

Aram Nadiri, 19, was found dead at about 6:30 a.m. on October 24 at a home in the 200 block of Pensville Close S.E.

His sister, Awara, says that her family has felt empty without him since he was killed.

“It’s the greatest loss that we’ve ever experienced. We lost my dad in 2015 and we thought that was the worst, but this is way worse than that.”

She says that Aram was all the ‘light in their lives’ and it is just empty now.

The loss has been especially hard on her mother.

“He was the youngest boy and she took care of him really, really well. Not once did he upset us to the point where we could be mad or angry.”

Now, nearly two months after the shooting, Awara says her family is trying to come up with anything they can to help in the investigation, but she is questioning why there haven’t been any arrests yet.

“I know it’s early for me to be complaining; there are people who wait. It’s just the fact that we know where he was, who he was with. He’s been seen with so many different people, so it’s been hard.”

She adds that her family emigrated from Iran in 2001 to escape this sort of violence, so it’s a bitter blow to have it happen here.

“We escaped our country just because of stuff like this. You come here and you lose someone to the type of crime that you would imagine in a third-world country or somewhere else. We’re in Calgary, Alberta; who would imagine this kind of thing happening to them?”

Calgary police say that they are still looking for witnesses to come forward and share details about the shooting, but admit that it has been difficult.

“This investigation is definitely progressing. Obviously, we want every homicide to progress as quickly as possible. Some of the challenges that we’ve been facing on this particular homicide is that we know there are people in the community that have information and we need them to come forward,” said Staff Sergeant Martin Schiavetta with the CPS Homicide Unit.

Schiavetta says they are doing all they can to get closure for the family and bring the person responsible to justice.

“Homicide investigations are extremely complex. Sometimes they can take years to bring closure to the family. We hope that won’t be the case here. We are confident that if people come forward with information, we can move this file towards charges and holding someone accountable.”

Residents in the area where Aram’s body was found say that the house at the centre of the investigation has a history of parties and people coming and going at all hours of the day.

(With files from Kathy Le)