The daughter of an elderly woman who was found dead in a vehicle on a bridge near Stoney Trail and Nose Hill Drive Northwest says she is still in disbelief over her mother’s death.

Linda Robillard, who lives in Florida, was in Calgary for 77-year-old Liisa Nukkala’s funeral. “I’m devastated and I’m very angry.”

First responders responded to the scene on the morning of May 31st. Nukkala’s lifeless body was found inside the vehicle.

Calgary police confirm she was killed by her son and his body was found at the bottom of the bridge. The pair were on their way to Nukkala’s grandson’s graduation.

Robillard says her brother, 56-year-old Clifford Robillard, beat Nukkala before taking his own life.

“She didn’t have to end this way. She didn’t have to die this way at the hands of her own son. Who kills their mother? He had plenty of time to withdraw with what he was doing. I knew she had to be begging for her life.”

Robillard says her mother was placed in a nursing home in Calgary last year after getting sick. Robillard and her twin sister Lisa, were trying to relocate Nukkala to the United States permanently, but says her brother had power of attorney and did not agree to the move.

“I tried to protect my mother and get her down here. She needed to be down in Florida to be safe.”

The executive director of HomeFront says domestic violence stems from control and can escalate over time. Maggie Mackillop says Calgary police responded to more than 21, 000 related domestic incidents in 2019.

“Of those, there were 5,000 related violent offences and, with regards to those violent offences, there’s a 48 per cent increase over the five-year average which is essentially two calls every hour, every day.”

Robillard says she'll remember her mother as a sweet, soft-spoken woman who loved to read, play board games and spend time with her dog. She says she will never find closure but is comforted knowing her mother is in a better place.