CALGARY -- Sunday will mark one year since 22 people, including a pregnant woman, were killed in Canada’s largest mass murder, and the families of the victims are still seeking answers.

About 15 people gathered at Olympic Plaza on Saturday to remember those who were lost and call for answers from investigators.

Tammy Oliver-McCurdie’s sister Jolene Oliver, along with her husband Aaron Tuck and daughter Emily were all gunned down in their home on April 18th, 2020.

A lone gunman, who was dressed as an RCMP officer and used a phony RCMP cruiser, was later killed by police at a gas station.

Oliver-McCurdie says the last year has been difficult but has relied on friends and family for support.

“In that strength, we find strength to do things like this today,” she said.

“And it was tough, I cried on the way up here and I’ve had a few moments but my sister and her family were brutally murdered and in those moments they went through the most horrific moments of their life and I can at least endure some pieces of this.”

A public inquiry will soon be underway, investigating the circumstances around the deaths.