CALGARY -- It’s been almost four months since a family of three were hit while waiting on a median to cross the street at the intersection of Macleod Trail and Glenmore Trail.

Although Calgary police arrested a 28-year-old man near the scene, no charges have been laid.

“He literally hit us,” said Aliyah Ramirez-Bernard, who was with her boyfriend and her daughter when they were struck from behind.

“I don’t know what is taking so long and it’s frustrating me.”

The young mother broke both her legs, pelvis and cracked her skull. Her daughter, Ember, who is just shy of 17 months, broke several ligaments in her neck and fractured both her arms and legs.

Ramirez-Bernard’s boyfriend Blade Crow-Pantherbone, 21, was killed.

“I just think about him everyday and I miss him so much,” she said.

“I hope whoever hit us can see these interviews and see how much he affected my life and my daughter’s life.”

Her grief is shared by Crow-Pantherbone’s father, Morris Crow. Crow says his son was a prankster and loved to joke around and make others laugh. He says some days it’s difficult to get through the day.

“I’ve been up a few times to visit his grave site and it just sinks in more and more and more. It’s really not the way a person wants to live, feeling this constant black cloud over you. It’s not good,” said Crow.

Ramirez-Bernard says she is still recovering from her injuries and some days are still difficult.

“I’m still in lots of pain. It still interferes with my every day tasks and taking care of Ember.”

Her daughter has recovered remarkably and has learned to walk again.

“She is starting to take steps and that’s encouraging me to keep going because sometimes I’m still learning how to walk too and watching her walk helps push myself,” said Ramirez-Bernard.


Calgary police confirm to CTV News that it’s still investigating the case but at this time no charges have been laid.