A Cochrane family wants answers and an apology from their home builder after the deaths of their two dogs.

Rayelle Robinson says she left her two young dogs in a bathroom when she went out last month because they were not housebroken.  When her family returned home, they found hot water leaking from the ruptured waterline under the bathroom sink, and the dogs were dead.

The Robinsons have hired a lawyer and want compensation from their builder Jayman Homes, claiming the installed waterline was faulty.

In its initial investigation, Jayman told the Robinsons in an email that the "waterline was chewed by a dog"

But Robinson says her insurance company disagrees.

“Our insurance company sent it to an engineer who determined, it wasn’t done by the dogs,” she says.

That engineering report says with 95 per cent probability that the dogs weren't to blame. Its investigation concludes that the waterline  "damage was very likely caused by some event other than a dog bite." but more investigation is needed to determine the cause.

Jayman Homes responded to the situation with this statement to CTV:

Jayman remains sympathetic to the loss our home buyers have experienced and confirm that we have been actively involved with these customers from the outset to work towards an appropriate solution recognizing this is an especially emotional event for them.   We have reason to believe that, based on the facts before us, this was an insurable event which should be covered by the owners' home insurance policy and we are continuing to gather facts in relation to same.  Jayman has always and remains committed to honouring mandatory warranty obligations while following through on our commitment to provide top tier service for every one of our customers.  We have never, nor would we ever, take steps to ignore or block customer calls as suggested.   Given that both parties have legal counsel involved in the matter working towards a solution, it would not be appropriate for any further comment.

Jayman also told CTV that it has received the engineer's report from the Robinson's insurance company this week ... and is presently reviewing it.

Robinson says she has purchased a new puppy for her daughter, but she still wants answers from the builder.

“I want them to take responsibility and essentially own up,” she says.