CALGARY -- The Bossert family north of Hanna, Alta. has been anxiously awaiting the return of their family pet and are still searching the sky for Goose Goose's return even after she was reportedly found dead.

The Canada goose gosling was raised in the Bossart's kitchen sink and took up residence on their property, soon becoming friends with all the farm animals and it wasn't scared of people.

They called it Goose Goose and what made it even more special was the massive bird enjoyed flying beside vehicles.

In the fall the goose made its way south like geese do for the winter.

The Bossart's soon spotted a video on social media from a man in Nebraska of a goose flying beside his truck while he is driving down the road.

Melanie Bossert instantly knew it was Goose Goose and did get in contact with the man in Nebraska who took the video.

The family was hopeful their pet would return to the family property this spring with a mate.

But that anticipation turned into sadness after learning that the man in Nebraska found the bird dead on the side of the road.

"I keep looking for her just in case he was wrong but she hasn’t come yet," said Bossert.