The family of a Calgary solider killed this week in Afghanistan has issued a public letter.

They released it just 24 hours after 21-year-old Pte. Chad Horn was killed, along with two other Canadians,  in an explosion in Khandahar Province.

Here is what the family has to say:

"Private Chad Horn died protecting others, standing shoulder to shoulder with his comrades against terrorism. He believed in what he was doing and accepted the sacrifice it might exact. He was proud to be a soldier and a Canadian. Below are a list of things that describe well the kind of person Chad was...

Chad was a warrior. He served with honour and distinction in the face of an un-scrupulous enemy.

Chad was a man with a sense of honour. He could always be found holding doors open for people, standing up so that an elderly person could have a seat, and doing the little things that speak volumes about a person's character.

Chad was a friend that could be relied on when the chips were down. He always had the back of those he cared for.

Chad was a brother that was always there for a little sister he loved very much. In his presence she always knew she was safe.

Chad was a son that brought joy and pride into the life of his parents. He was the kind of child that beamed with a smile and would offer a hug when one was needed. He was the kind of person that every parent hopes their child grows up to be.

At the end of the day, Chad stood for something. The tattoo on his shoulder read "For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice". This was true about Chad and sums up well the lesson his life can teach others. If he were here he would tell you that there are things like family, friends, integrity, and honour that are non-negotiable and worth sacrificing for.

Chad was a lot of things others ought to strive to be... but at the end of the day, he is a hero.

He will be remembered by his loyal friends, his sister, his father, his step-father and his proud military mother... We will miss you Chad, but know you will always be watching over us just like you did when you were alive... "