A sentencing hearing for a Calgary driver convicted of killing a former British soldier is underway and court heard victim impact statements from the man’s family on Tuesday.

Cinzia Marson, 34, was convicted of dangerous driving causing death in a 2015 crash northeast of Airdrie that killed 32-year-old Christopher Pollitt.

Pollitt was driving a company vehicle when he was hit in the intersection of Highway 72 and Highway 791 by Marson’s mini-van. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

On Tuesday, Marson appeared in court in Calgary for a sentencing hearing.

Pollitt’s mother, father and sister flew in from England for the proceeding and read impact statements in court.

His mother spoke about mourning the loss of her son’s future and said she will never see him marry or have a family of his own.

His father says his death was avoidable and the family was visibly emotional in court.

“We're so pleased to hear the judge say to Ms. Marson, that Ms. Marson, you are going to jail. We'll convene tomorrow in 24 hours, Ms. Marson's now going to suffer a bit longer,” said Stuart Pollitt.  “It’s important she learns lessons of her ways, I’m not sure she will.”

Marson expressed her remorse and read a statement to the victim’s family saying she was sorry for her dangerous and irresponsible behaviour.

“I have taken the life of a young man. From the moment in the ambulance when I found out Mr. Pollitt had passed away there has not been a day where I did not wish I could take that tragedy back,” she read. “My heart is shattered for your family, I am sorry, if I could take all of this back I would to give you your loved one back.”

The Crown suggested a sentence of about two years while the defence proposed a jail term of ten months.

Marson will be sentenced on Wednesday.