The family of a Calgary man murdered in Thailand earlier this year has launched a public awareness campaign.

The family hopes advertising on buses and billboards will spur the Canadian government to act.

Ernie Del Pinto plants a kiss on a picture of his son Leo that's now on the back of a Calgary Transit bus. The bus board is part of a new public awareness campaign to bring his son's killer to justice.

"He murdered my son, and it shouldn't have happened and I want everyone to be aware that their kids may be traveling one day and this could happen to them."

24 year old Leo Del Pinto was shot and killed in January by an off duty Thai police officer in the northern town of Pai. His traveling companion, Carly Reisig was also shot but survived. It's been a painful ordeal for the Del Pinto family.

"When I go to the cemetery and sit in a chair and talk to my son and say you know, I'm going to get something done here. Justice has got to be served and I walk away by kissing his picture and say trust me son, I will get justice."

Six months later the case is no closer to going to trial, despite rulings from three different Thai committees supporting prosecution. The Del Pinto family feels the Canadian government needs to get involved.

The Del Pinto's family lawyer is Adriano Iovinelli. "Put the federal government to take action, to say we need a deadline, we need a concrete date that this matter is going to proceed to trial or at least have a court appearance when this matter will proceed as compared to it going from one committee to the next."

They want Canadians to add their names to an online petition calling for more action.

Pattison Group has donated free advertising space on five Calgary buses along with a digital billboard on McKnight Boulevard North East.

Kyle Donnan of the Pattison Group says they wanted to help the family. "We want to do everything we can to help them out, and raise awareness that justice needs to be served."

Donnan says the bus boards and billboard will remain in place as long as needed.