Calgarians got the chance to check out the Stamps’ newest piece of hardware and cross off some football fans from their list at the same time during an event at McMahon Stadium on Saturday.

The annual locker room sale offers fans an all-access opportunity to go behind the scenes at the home of the Stampeders and buy some game-worn helmets, jerseys and accessories.

They also had the chance to take some photos with some of the players and the Grey Cup.

Breanna Gray and her dad David came out to recreate a memory they had from 20 years ago.

“We came here after the Grey Cup win in 1998, when Breanna was five,” David said. “We took a picture and I wanted to recreate that because they won because it was a good feeling.”

Breanna says that her dad pulled out all the stops to make sure the photo was perfect.

“He bought me a red turtleneck and everything.”

DaVaris Daniels says it’s a great feeling being able to share his team’s success with the public.

“It’s everything. To see the fans and see how much it means to the fans as well, it’s big for us. To have that moment to share with the community is everything.”

Daniels and kicker Rene Paredes were also signing items and posing for photos too.