The bloody war between two rival gangs in Calgary may be ramping up again.

The last six months have been quiet, but police say a drive-by shooting Tuesday night in the Northwest is likely connected to the warring factions.

"I just worry for his life."

Eric Lo stands outside his bullet riddled home, the scene of a drive-by shooting. No one was hurt.

His 18 year old son was the likely target.

"I was watching TV in the dining room and I heard a couple of gun sounds. I saw a car drive slowly by."

Police believe the shooting is gang-related. Lo says he doesn't know if his son is involved in gangs. Lo says he immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in 1981, and he now works at a restaurant to provide for his family.

"We try our best. We work hard. Me and my wife work really hard, we want to provide him a good life you know."

Police say three bullets were fired from a handgun. They hit the front of the house, one going through the front door.

Police say the shooting is likely related to the on-going deadly war between rival gangs the FOB and the FK gang.

The bloody war on the streets of Calgary has been quiet lately with the arrests of at least eight high-ranking gang members.

Police say this gang-related drive-by shooting is the first in six months. The last was in Dover in January that killed 20 year old Matthew Chuback.

Police say the violence is not over and that they expect it to continue.

Police say they are investigating the possibility the violence is connected to high-ranking gang member Roland Chin. He was recently released from a federal prison after serving a 32 month prison sentence for drug and weapons charges.

His brother Roger Chin was shot and killed last year while driving his SUV on Centre Street.

Eric lo says he's worried for his son's safety and he's encouraging him to leave the city.